Spooqs VFX Studio Change Log

3.1.4 (2024.05.03)

NewCUDA-enabled for accelerated AI performance on compatible GPUs

3.1.3 (2024.04.24)

NewButton to switch between mask mode and rendering mode

FixedLayer name and color that were lost when saving a project is now fixed

3.1.2 (2024.04.17)

ImprovedAI detection / segmentation / tracking can be disabled (in the Settings > Tools menu)

3.1.1 (2024.03.07)

FixedPossible crash fixed when tracking a face

FixedFace tracking now works using face spline model

3.0.1 (2024.03.04)

FixedMinor bugs fixed when exporting

3.0.0 Beta (2024.01.18)

New64-bit exe

NewAutomatic AI selection tool that detects people, animals, vehicles, ...

NewAI detected objects displayed on mouse-over

NewOnboarding tour when using the application for the first time

NewSpecific contextual onboarding dialogs

NewSettings menu

ImprovedSimpler user interface

ImprovedBetter face detection

ImprovedBetter facial feature detection

ImprovedBetter animation curve visualization

ImprovedSimpler tracking

ImprovedSimpler mask rotation

ImprovedFace effects that need facial features are tagged

ImprovedTimeline and video bar located at the bottom by default

ImprovedBigger preview thumbnails in the effect panel

FixedMemory leaks fixed

FixedPossible crash fixed during undo/redo

FixedPossible wrong image dimension fixed at loading

FixedMany minor bugs fixed

2.1.5 (2023.07.04)

ImprovedThe blur effect can be applied without a halo for a realistic shallow depth of field

2.1.4 (2023.06.30)

NewNew effect: about 120 arrow stickers available

NewMany new tutorials available from the menu (future tutorials will be available in real time)

2.1.3 (2023.04.30)

New5 new tutorials available from the tutorials menu

NewStickers, logo and background images can be rotated

NewEffect and Curve panels can be hidden (in the View menu)

ImprovedConfig file now stores the normal frame dimensions

ImprovedAdvanced mode becomes the default mode

ImprovedCosmetic changes at the first launch

2.1.2 (2023.03.29)

NewPop-up text effect

ImprovedSome cosmetic improvements

FixedMinor bugs fixed

2.1.1 (2023.03.16)

New2 new effects : circle and square (in the sticker category)

ImprovedY zoom enabled in the spline panel

ImprovedNew welcome dialog box

ImprovedBetter ellipse interpolation

ImprovedAfter restart due to mode change or language change, the last used project is proposed

FixedNo more crash when an effect tries to load a corrupted image

FixedNo more double refresh when deleting a layer

FixedMinor bugs fixed

2.1.0 (2023.03.01)

NewTool panels can be folded

ImprovedFaster export (about 45%)

FixedMinor bugs fixed

2.0.3 (2023.01.07)

ImprovedFace mask handles are no longer displayed and cannot be edited anymore

FixedText glitch fixed using big fonts

FixedText callout fixed when rotated

FixedMinor bugs fixed

2.0.2 (2022.12.09)

ImprovedEasier-to-read interface thanks to a bigger font

FixedLandmarks face masks can no longer be edited to prevent crashes

FixedMinor bugs fixed

2.0.1 (2022.11.15)

NewOne more software mode (text tracking oriented) available

NewFrame (un)bookmarking can be applied to a frame selection in one click

NewChanging the language restarts the application

ImprovedNew welcome message

FixedMain frame partially or completely off the screen at statup fixed

FixedMinor bug fixed

2.0.0.beta (2022.11.04)

NewSpooqs can run in 2 different modes: Easy (face oriented) and advanced

NewEasy mode offers 17 preset face effects

NewFace landmarks can be smoothed to improve tracking quality

NewGIF and video exports can export bookmarked frames only

NewAdded a 'How to' menu that leads to our one minute YouTube tutorials

ImprovedFont names are listed in alphabetical order (thanks to Christian Richard-Foy)

1.2.6 (2022.10.01)

NewBookmarks that allow to easily navigate through the video

ImprovedFace motion not smoothed anymore

FixedMinor bug fixed

1.2.5 (2022.09.23)

ImprovedVideos larger than 1920 pixels are reduced to 1920 pixels to avoid memory issues and improve performance

FixedMinor bug fixed

1.2.4 (2022.09.01)

NewFreemium version can now also export videos but with a low intrusive watermark

ImprovedImages can be cropped during export (like videos)

1.2.3 (2022.08.24)

NewNew 3D LUT effect including 55 LUTs. Add your own in the Spooqs 3DLUT directory (and make sure to precede the values of the LUT with the line "#start" )

ImprovedPreview of all LUT effects in the LUT panels

ImprovedBetter sizing of LUT panels

1.2.2 (2022.08.09)

ImprovedThe same transparency can be used for all text effects of a layer using a single slider

FixedCrash fixed when using 16-bit PNG images or PNG images without alpha channel

1.2.1 (2022.07.28)

ImprovedMore available aspect ratios in video export

ImprovedMask selection more accurate when masks overlap

FixedKeyboard shorcuts didn't always work. This is fixed

FixedPossible frame selection inaccuracy fixed in social network exports

1.2.0 (2022.07.19)

NewPreset exports for Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Snapchat

FixedMinor bug fixed

1.1.12 (2022.07.04)

ImprovedLogo and sticker sizes can be scaled down to 0%

FixedNo more wrong message when loading a project

1.1.11 (2022.06.22)

FixedMinor bugs fixed

1.1.10 (2022.06.09)

FixedImages larger than 2560 pixels are reduced to 2560 pixels to avoid memory issues and improve performance

1.1.9 (2022.05.31)

FixedNo more hanging of the software when opening a video on some configurations

1.1.8 (2022.05.12)

ImprovedThe names of locked parameters are now hidden in the animation curves panel to avoid the overlapping of texts

1.1.7 (2022.04.30)

NewAdded a fine tuning of cropping when exporting videos or GIF

ImprovedCopy view to clipboard is now made at original dimensions

FixedMinor bugs fixed

1.1.6 (2022.04.06)

ImprovedVideo and GIF export dialogs show the thumbnail of the cropped video

FixedCan open videos that use the PCM_S16be audio format (used by Sony)

1.1.5 (2022.03.30)

FixedMinor bug fixed in font dialog

1.1.4 (2022.03.29)

NewAdded a smooth motion slider to logo and sticker effects

NewAdded a mask accuracy slider

ImprovedFaster text effects

FixedMinor bugs fixed

1.1.3 (2022.03.11)

NewAdded a button in export toolbar to save project

FixedMain frame refreshed after export to visually re-enable toolbar controls

1.1.2 (2022.03.08)

NewCropping now available in video export

NewLink to this release notes file

FixedWrong dimensions fixed in some GIF exports

FixedAVI export quality problems fixed

1.1.1 (2022.03.04)

FixedNo more erratic crash when closing a project

1.1.0 (2022.02.28)

NewSpooqs becomes freemium: no watermark, no time limit, animated GIF export (video export needs premium license)